Become part of the Gamindo team!

We are looking for extraordinary people with whom to achieve even more extraordinary goals!

Why Gamindo?

  Video games

Who hasn’t dreamed of working in the world of video games? If you play a video game during working hours in Gamindo, you are not wasting time but you are studying our games or those of competitors!

   Global market

You will have the opportunity to work on projects that will involve multinational companies and that will reach millions of people. You don’t know Matteo’s happiness when he developed the game for his beloved Mulino Bianco!

  Social impact

Your choices and actions will help make a real impact on people’s lives. Not only by making them smile and have fun (except when they do not pass the more difficult game levels) but also by educating on certain issues and supporting charities.

  Career Growth

We are a young startup made up of young people. The goal is to grow to be big, VERY BIG, and we need people who allow us to lay a solid foundation!

Open positions

Backend Developer

Frontend developer 

Game developer 

Creative – Game Designer

If there is no open position for your skills but you think you have what it takes to work with us, write to us at with your resume and some info showing what you can do!