Impact Branded Video games

Marketing has never been so fun!

We make branded web video games in order to make effective, fun and impactful the interactions between brands & consumers and company & employees.

Companies who already played with us:


And many more from different industries that we cannot yet spoil!

And guess what, 85% of the companies are coming back and ask for new, double and more innovative games!

Gamindo is a fast growing-company that leverages interactive marketing and believes in the power of gaming to get consumers and employees’ attention and affection.

We are betting on video game as the new frontier of marketing.

Throughout our web-based video games, we allow companies to have a return in terms of engagement, lead generation, data collection & insight, education, drive-to-store and brand reputation.

More than simply entertaining tools


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What are you waiting for?

Download our app Gamindo: the more you play, the more you donate!